Research Paper: Effects of Prolonged Video Games

Sample Research Paper

According to the scientists, fixing an amount of time to play and getting up as soon as that time has finished, is a start, keeping a journal with logging of daily playing hours of different games enables people to review how much time was spent the previous week on the games. He further advises us to cut the playing hours by 10% the first week. Prioritizing what is important in life and them working towards that goal also helps in the weaning process (Grohol, J.M. 2007).

In the debate on whether video games are good or bad for physical as well as mental health, both sides raise valid points. Even though there is overwhelming short term evidence to suggest that ill effects of the video games are there and have a deteriorating effect on the child’s mental and physical development, the video games cannot be banned altogether. They have become too intertwined in today’s young culture and society. The best we can do is to monitor and regulate what content our children are exposed to, and for how long. We can ensure that with limited playing hours comes regular outdoor exercise. A fixed time with mandatory socially interaction within the family.  These are a few ways amongst many others that can be used to ensure that the children do not get either addicted or suffer from the illnesses that accompany prolonged game playing.

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