Research Paper: Effects of playing video games

Sample Research Paper

Effects of playing video games in a long term are multi-pronged. On one side we have can see the effects on the body. These range from getting obese due to a sedentary lifestyle, to sleep deprivation, back pains, headaches and eye strains. The psychological and social impacts of the video games are of a grave concern since these effects have far-reaching consequences. These include the child’s withdrawal from society, lack of psychological development through social interaction, and a false sense of security through the fantasy of video games.

Attempts at imitating the actions of video games have already led to injuries in real life. According to media awareness network, the increase in multiplayer online gaming has lead to concern amongst people. According to them, these games in which children have a potential to spend hours and hours online playing games can lead an introverted child further distance itself from society. It has the potential to further isolate children from their friends and peers. (Excessive Playing 2008). Kraus, chief of child and adolescent psychiatry at Chicago’s RushMedicalCenter, stated at an event that addiction-like behavior amongst children could be an indication of a bigger problem. According to him, this could be an indication that the child is suffering from other psychiatric problems like depression and social anxiety (Tanner, L., 2008).

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