Research Paper: Effects of Crime

Sample Research Paper

There are numerous causes and effects of crime. Crime is a result of multiple factors acting at the same time leading to the birth of a person who cannot differentiate between right and wrong. This person harms other people and the society either out of need or because he desires it.

For the criminal if he is arrested it can lead to conviction followed by a jail sentence. However, the effects of the crime do not end with the criminal being put behind bars. The effects on the society, the economy, the victim, his family and on the family of the criminal himself linger for much longer than expected.

Direct results of crime include loss of life, money and property. But the indirect consequences are numerous. There is an indirect financial cost involved, as well as, effects on the society both in the short and long run.

The financial cost of the crime is overburdening. According to a recent estimate, twice a household’s annual income is spent on an inmate’s incarceration. Another study shows that Crime costs $4,500 per household each year (Reynolds, 1999). This money loss is either a result of valuables lost during a crime or spent in keeping criminals in jails.

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