Sample Research Paper

One major effect that the colonization had on the African religion and customs was in the form of Christianization of the traditional local customs. Some of the traditions which were incompatible with the Christian way of life were modified in a way as to satisfy the local customs as becoming compatible and acceptable to the Christian way of living. The reason why some missionaries agreed to these methods was because outright banning of the local customs by a legislative process was having no effect.

The only way to satisfy the local communities was in a way that all the negative attributes of the customs which were incompatible wit the Christian way of life were rooted out or modified in such a way as to be acceptable to the Christian missionaries as well as the natives. One example can be seen in the native custom of the right of passage. The pagan points of the ritual like the songs were replaced with Christian Hymns etc and so of clean instruments was propagated as banning of women from the circumcision rooms. Similar conforming of the local customs to the Christian values took place in other parts as well. (Kaplan S 1986)

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