Research Paper: Effects of Abuse on Children

Sample Research Paper

Scars may be both physical and psychological in essence.  On the physical level, we see that even passive smoking on the part of the child has negative future consequences.  On the psychological level, too, there are more than a few short-term and long-term effects of abuse.  Individuals abused as children may turn into child abusers themselves when they are adults.  Moreover, studies have revealed that out of the forty million Americans who have been sexually victimized as children, as many as a quarter could be suffering from myriad psychological problems that range from guilt and poor self-esteem to sexual difficulties and the predisposition to raise children who are themselves abused (Kohn, 1987).

     Child abuse is especially evident in poor homes where parents or guardians have turned to drugs.  The number of children born addicted to drugs – because their mothers were drug addicts – is alarming.  Another form of physical abuse these children must often go through is the beatings they get in such homes.  Adults on drugs have very little or no control over themselves.  So, emotional abuse is a possibility to boot.  In a special report entitled “Drugs To Blame For Kid Abuse Increase; 30,000 Scots Children At Risk From Their Parents,” Patricia Kane (2000) wrote that child neglect cases in Scotland had more than doubled, and mainly because of substance abuse on the part of parents.  As a matter of fact, more than nine thousand children were added to the risk list in the course of just a year.

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