Research Paper: Effect of Psychology

Sample Research Paper

Psychology has a profound effect on one’s personal, social, physical, and economical life. Unless someone is sound psychologically he/she will never be able to meet the requirements of a healthy individual. Now we are coming to the plan to assign duties to five hospitals associated psychologists in a way that it should fulfill the purpose of building a very useful and practical system of providing health to all with a more fruitful outcome.

In our design, we allocate five psychologists to the target hospital and their duties should be distributed the way that it should fulfill all the requirements of installing a psychologically sound system in there. We need to look at the population of the target hospital which includes pediatrics as well as an adult population. Once we get that fixed then we go ahead with enumerating the list of major issues children and adults show with. In order to get to a more solid ground, we will conduct a research for six months duration by making a case-control design.   What we do is we allocate five roles to the psychologist available, substance abuse counselor, and child psychologist, adult psychologist, inpatient psychologist, outpatient psychologist, occupational psychologist, and educational psychologist.

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