Research Paper: Effect of Change in Technology

Sample Research Paper

We usually discuss the advantages which have been made possible in the corporate world because of the development and changes in technology. However, effects or the repercussions arising out of technology change are not always positive. A rosy picture is generally painted by the proponents of modern and contemporary technology in the business world. Nonetheless, the downside of it is often neglected.

As the technology changes rapidly, it is affecting the employees by threatening their jobs. A prominent limitation which technology places is that of employee obsolescence. It happens particularly in the fields of business, information technology, medicine and engineering as they require technical expertise. According to Werther and Davis (1996), “Obsolescence results when an employee no longer possesses the knowledge or abilities needed to perform successfully”. This “results from a person’s failure to adapt to new technology”. (p. 299). This can even result in laying off of employees. Human rights activists have been making a hue and cry to curb replacement of workers with machines.

Excessive computer use especially by data entry clerks at organizations cause repetitive strain injuries. These injuries can be classified into any of the following categories: Bursitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Epicondylitis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, Patellar-femoral syndrome, Shin splints, Stress fractures, and Tendonitis. The use of genetically engineered food by the businesses involved in grocery and edible products threatens the health of the consumers.

Change in technology has definitely helped mankind greatly but is not without its cons.

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