Research Paper: Education throughout the World

Sample Research Paper

The world is so interconnected today that many universities are considering ventures overseas. Imperial College London, which is a science-based institution with a reputation for quality education is considering the establishment of a campus in Shanghai, China. Cornell University, an Ivy League located in Ithaca, New York has taken the initiative of forging the linkage with an Ethiopian university, Bahir Dar University (GlobalHigherEd).

Cornell is the first American university to offer its medical degree internationally. Cornell Medical College in Qatar offers young people a unique opportunity to access a world-class medical education in the middle-east (Cornell University).

The spread of universities across global space is a complicated venture, defined by a lot of factors. Many colleges and universities nowadays offer foreign students to exchange information and knowledge internationally. China is the fastest growing nation in Asia and its colleges and universities are its foundations. Therefore, the government of China is giving a lot of importance to the development of its colleges and universities. The budget allocated to the education development sector has been increasing by one percentage point every year since 1998. As a result of this, the number of national as well as foreign colleges and universities in China is increasing. The ministry of education has formulated many policies regarding foreign students which also include “Chinese Government Scholarship” (India Education)

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