Research Paper: Education in foreign countries

Sample Research Paper

Students around the world have been seeking better opportunities for receiving education and have been travelling far and wide to acquire knowledge. History provides ample evidence of people travelling to foreign countries in pursuit of higher education. Some students only spend a few months abroad and take short term courses while there some who stay for years to earn themselves their desired degree.

It has been reported that inIreland, only 2% of the student population is foreign. The rest are all domestic students. However, in theUnited Kingdom, the international students comprise only 12% of the entire student population. (IIE, 2005a).

Over the years, some countries have experienced an increase in the number of international students while others have seen a decline in the number of foreign students. An example of the increase in a number of international students inChinacan be stated. The enrollment of international students inChinahas increased tremendously. It is claimed that the foreign student population doubled in the period 1998 to 2003. (IIE, 2005a). On the contrary, theUnited States has been experiencing a decline in the number of international student enrollments (IIE, 2005b).

The education industry itself is a very profitable business. As countries formulate strategies to draw international students, it is imperative that they consider the different educational and cultural concerns which may arise or the students would likely face. Academic institutions cannot just induct foreign students and then, expect them to adjust to the new environment without a proper emotional support and cordial ambience.

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