Research Paper: E-Commerce Technology Portfolio

Sample Research Paper

The globalization of online business has been accelerated by the internet revolution. Now, it is essential for every business to develop an online system that may have an ability to millions of customers in competitive environments. While enforcing new changes in workforce environment, technology is the main tool for the development of business models and e-marketing resources. All these things have provided a world of joined up business where every business may able to enjoy its business progress in the perfect IT infrastructure.Kenneth C in (Kenneth 2008, p.167) argues that in the development of any e-commerce website, the coding of HTML is the thing that gets surety whether you website is viewable in the latest and out-dated browsers or not. The creation pages in HTML are usually done through the use of different tools such as WordPad, Dreamweaver, Microsoft word and the front page that makes it more user-friendly for customers worldwide.  HTML ‘s role is quite influential in the e-commerce technology as it has the capability to control the impress of look and feel and make the display of data in a presentable form.

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