Sample Research Paper

The young generation has greatly contributed to the E-banking and E-Commerce challenge that Saudi Arabia is facing. They are more demanding especially in making transactions with their bank and in this fast changing world they prefer fastest and the quickest way to get money and to transfer money from one account to another (Sait and Al-Tawil 2004).

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency otherwise known as SAMA manifests the initial effort that the government of Saudi Arabia has initiated. This agency has then further opened to more system giving an advantage to the E-Banking needs. Upon its advancement, a trend came to exist among banking entities. One of which is the creation of SWIFT in an international system.

Another outcome is the launching of a system which helps secure their account information. Customers feel the security and the guaranty that money has been safely transferred.  These are few of the initiatives which their government envisions for a better banking system that is capable of giving customer satisfaction.

The intended sample aims to understand and learn how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has addressed the challenges that they are facing. This study would further provide the initiatives of the agencies to support the need to improve their banking system. It also states the implementation that they carry out as they face the inevitable challenge of the future in banking procedures and the transactions that arise from it.

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