Sample Research Paper

Ecce Homo is the autobiography of Nietzsche and in this book it has been mentioned by Nietzsche that the philosophies have been developed by him slowly with the passage of time and these have come into effect by taking all the worlds’ surroundings into considerations.

The slower development of these philosophies has been the main reason of a slower and a difficult interpretation of these philosophies as the main concepts that have been underlined by Nietzsche in one of his works has no relation with the concepts that have been laid down in the other work. This is the fact that has been argued in the case of the concept of thought of eternal recurrence that has been discussed as being the central idea in Thus Spoke Zarathustra but this is the idea that is not found in his next book Beyond Good and Evil.

The first main idea thereby that has been discussed by the critics is that of the eternal recurrence. It has been argued that Nietzsche has not argued about the reality of eternal recurrence itself but in fact, the argument that has been emphasized in his philosophies is related to the main thought of the eternal recurrence. Several authors have added that there are other occurrences of the same thoughts, but these are only contemporary

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