Research Paper: Duty of a Good Nurse

Sample Research Paper

One of the most important duty of a nurse is to consider herself a part of a healthcare provider team, to understand her/his position and her/his and duties in the team. Health care provision as all other critical cares is a very intricate chain of services. We can simplify this concept by reconsidering this example of an inpatient at CICU discussed in the above paragraph, which goes into hypoglycemia due to some reasons.

Here every member of the team has a responsibility but one is bound to take the other one in consideration and not to take thing on him or herself alone. Like here the staff was to check the blood sugar level if it normal nothing to be done, low just watch and repeat it in half an hour, it is significantly low inform the doctor on duty and if its fatally low then give rush call for it. On the other hand its mildly high let the body take care of moderately high give insulin according to specific regimen established but if it is significantly high inform the doctor on duty. If this chain of responsibilities and command is taken care of a system will work in harmony towards the betterment of health and there will be no major flaws in the system. There should be set protocol and they should always be in action once one gets down the line this is where problems occur and the efficacy of the implemented system keeps going.

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