Research Paper: Drug Usage and Mental Health Factors

Sample Research Paper

The different sub-dimensions of the trait were strong predictors of future drug use: ‘Disinhibition’ (DIS) was a general drug use factor in both sexes. ‘Thrill and adventure seeking’ (TAS) predicted moderate alcohol consumption in boys. ‘Experience seeking’ (ES) predicted cannabis use in boys.

A separate analysis of those who seek a milieu highly exposed to cannabis, without themselves using the substance, revealed interesting sex differences: the boys in this situation had sensation seeking scores and mental health which were not different from other adolescents. However, the girls had high DIS and ES scores and also poor mental health”. This theory supports a person’s own factors rather than external environment being the dominant factor, but he also agrees that external environment does have a role in improving one’s personal skills and one’s inherent mental health.

Similarly Patterson another popular writer of mental health with respect to demographic parameters has also conducted research studies that support Weinrach, and Speight by saying that ethnicity, language and cultural makeup has a major role to play in order to manifest a certain degree of mental health.

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