Sample Research Paper

Often the child indulges into buying items which are unnecessary. This is coupled with affecting the child’s beliefs that indulging in costly items is a part of life. Several shows depict life’s success as being measured by the newest gadgets or vehicles, an idea which is in fact base and insignificant.

Also, television shows and movies can also make the teenager dissatisfied with their own life. The images of a liberal social environment which allow for smoking and other harmful behavior makes the teen resentful of the restrictions at home (Schultze). Thus, television shows and movies display the wrong morals for children to follow, creating the world which is based entirely on materialism and very little on important principles.

Another problem with too many television and entertainment shows is the adverse health effects on the viewer. The common belief is that children spend such a large quantity of time watching movies and shows that they do not spend time outdoors. A large number of parents resort to television as a cheaper babysitter for their children. Long movies and television programs keep the child involved in the plot and unwilling to remove themselves from the front of the television set. This inculcates problems like obesity onto the child. Consequently, a lazier and unhealthier generation of children is a product of the continuous television viewing.

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