Research Paper: Downfall of Nintendo

Sample Research Paper

Since 2004, Nintendo lost its share of the market. Nintendo reported a loss for the beginning half of 2004 for the first time in company’s history. (staff, 2003)The launch of Sony PSP in the year 2005 saw the sales of 500000 PSP units within the first two days of the PSP launch ( Sony Sold 500,000 PSPs in Two Days in N. America., 2005). By the year 2005, though Nintendo’s DS was still selling highly and was making some headway with the sales yet the sales were nothing in comparison to Sony’s.

 In the year 2006 when Microsoft launched Xbox, the Game cube was only selling 22 million units as compared to Microsoft’s X box’s 24 million and Sony’s PSP’s 122 million. An assessment of the reasons shows that Game Boy only tapped the age 7-16 market and though it had better graphics it did not have better features like DVD player access and wi-fi and thus the adult section of the society was not very interested in it. Though Nintendo had launched the DS, which had a touch screen, a microphone, and built-in wi-fi, it was rapidly losing the market share.

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