Sample Research Paper

Divorce is becoming a part of modern day life, but its negative impact on children is beginning to show in the adolescent’s development and growth. Divorce has no positive effects on the child. This breakdown in marital union is seen as a process which is inculcated in six different steps. Once fulfilled, the divorce can have a strong impact on the child’s growth and maturity. After suffering from initial short-term effects, the child can also risk longer-term problems which affect their entire life as they mature. There are several methods which can be employed to lower the effects of divorce on a child, ranging from teaching parents how to deal with children to reducing the economic burden that falls on a single parent. Thus, while divorce has no positive ends, its repercussions can be alleviated.

Divorce does not have positive long-term effects on the children involved. This event breaks up and family and leaves adolescents in a state of confusion, isolation and frustration which follows them throughout their life.

This argument is better presented by studying the history of divorce and how it affects the child. Writers like Philips (1991) and Matthews (1998), speak of the advancement of this practice and its evolution in the world today. They also mention the various stages of the divorce which are necessary to understand how this event takes shape in an individual’s life.

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