Research Paper: Distinction Between the Scared and the Profane

Sample Research Paper

Mircea Eliade (1987) has, very skillfully, shed light on how religion draws a line between what is considered scared and pure, and what is deemed as profane and idealism. He emphasizes on the fact that a pious person has a different perspective and vision of the world and the universe compared to a non-religious person.

A person who has a strong faith believes that the “there is not only a break in the homogeneity of space; there is also revelation of an absolute reality” (p. 3). Such a religious person is of the opinion that there is a divine power or an “absolute reality” existing which can lead to a “change in our world”.  He feels that “the scared always manifests itself” and that it “shows itself as something wholly different from profane….”. In case “no sign manifests itself, it is provoked…” (p. 9). He knows that there is a power controlling the world. This divine supremacy causes different events to take place in the world. Therefore, although existing outside the Earth, the authority “the real unveils itself”. It can be said to existing “midst” the world as all that has happened, is occurring and will take place works on the direction of the supreme authority.

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