Research Paper: Diseases of Brain

Sample Research Paper

Diseases of the brain have such a profound effect on the patients and the people around them, that books have been published and movies made in that context. Olive Sacks is a renowned neurologist and an author. So that people could appreciate what people with neurological diseases go through and how their lives are transformed, he wrote a book called ‘Awakenings’.  In it, a doctor discovers that use of the new drug L-dopa can revive patients who had been in catatonic states from the 1920s because of the epidemics of encephalitis lethargica.

The patients who get awakened now have to understand and adjust to the new life in the different decade.  The story of the relationship between a doctor who, even though did awaken the patients can not prevent their remission into that state again, and the patient who after awakening again after such a long time, starts appreciating every moment of his life. The book and the movie showed how easily one person’s life can get transformed, from perfectly normal to completely destroyed due to just a small problem in one organ of the body. The pains and seizures that the patients go through before relapsing into the catatonic state underlines how the whole of the human body is at the mercy of the brains wellbeing.  Awakening (2000),

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