Research Paper: Discussion on Criminals

Sample Research Paper

The criminal’s social, financial, and educational, or in simple words social class makes their crimes of a different level like”If justice be disregarded, what are states but large bandit bands, and what are bandit bands but small states? Indeed, that was an apt and true reply which was given to Alexander the Great by a pirate who had been seized.

For when that king had asked the man what he meant by keeping hostile possession of the sea, he answered with bold pride, ‘What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you who does it with a great fleet are styled emperor'” . In order to go to the different factors making crimes establish their roots we first of need to go over an overview of different anti-social acts or in a broader sense their main type which gangs, sub-cultural crimes, well-organized crimes, and many more. The gang is a quality of a criminal group that helps it establish its roots. An article in the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice defines a street gang or troublesome youth group as “any durable, street-oriented youth group whose own identity includes involvement in illegal activity”. This definition was developed over 5 years and agreed on by more than 100 gang research scholars in the United States and Europe. ( Malcolm, 2005., Scott, 2008) “It is a minimalist definition specifically designed to enhance comparative street gang research.

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