Research Paper: Discussion on Allied Health Research

Sample Research Paper

Statistics suggest that the Allied Health Professionals are not satisfied with their profession. They feel that there are not getting the right return for the hard work they are doing. Not just that they are earning low wages, their social and family lives are being disturbed by this. They are unable to dedicate quality time to all spheres of life especially family.Besides, the work environment poses serious health threats to the workforce. The professionals come into direct contact with the patients suffering from contagious diseases. The job of a specialist also requires him to spend most of the work hours standing. This also makes the job tiring.

The factors influencing motivation as presented byRandolph(2005) have been very helpful in providing a good insight into what actually keeps the Allied Health Professional Workforce committed to its work. These factors are crucial to the survival of the Allied Health clinical laboratory professionals. These must be concentrated on and provided as incentives in order to boost the morale and commitment of the Allied Health professionals. This would, in turn, aid in reducing the shortage of the Allied Health Professional Workforce.

The Allied Health Professional Workforce is currently not satisfied and content with its jobs and the work environment. It exhibits a high level of dissatisfaction which results in lack of commitment and dedication to the work. This is also a major factor contributing to the increasing decline in the number of Allied Health Professionals. Although the specialists do not directly state that they are unhappy with their profession, their attitude, perceptions towards work and work life intertwined with the feelings of being unfairly compensated reflect their dissatisfaction.

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