Sample Research Paper

Single-sex classrooms are under observation as researchers try specialized learning processes for students in a way in which they can learn at their maximum potential. Traditional classroom teaching with mixed gender classrooms is being argued as a form of teaching which actually slows down the learning processes of both the genders as it standardizes teaching so that both sexes have to comply. And in most cases, due to biological differences in their make-up, girls and boys both are not able to learn as they ideally should. (Hampel, 2007)

By separating the sexes, two dimensions of the problem materialize. The disadvantages of single-sex classrooms are that they increase sexism and increase stereotyping, as girls only socialize with their own sex and same is the case for boys. Moreover, neither sex learns from the difference of the other which can lead to intolerant behavior. The advantages that come to light are that boys and girls both have a different way of learning and a different age when they reach their maturity. So why fight with nature? Instead, it is better that both be separated so that they can learn as well as  they can with teacher catering only to their gender, keeping in mind the differences in their learning processes.

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