Research Paper: Direct Communication and Public Relation- IBM

Sample Research Paper

IBM uses different forms of direct communication particularly for corporate clients which are well-established companies. The sales force or the customer services representatives visit the current or the potential customers to make sales calls and deliver presentations to them about new products or any improved value-added features of existing brands. They also engage in telemarketing and sending solicited emails to clients to promote their brands.

The teams employed by IBM are efficient and often, do end up closing accounts. However, in any case, whether or not they are able to make sales, the customer services representations do aid in building public relations with corporate clients. Public relations is also a form of direct communication with the customers.

IBM also believes in holding press conferences with media reporters and analysts. The Fortune 50 company maintains strong ties with media representatives who, in turn, benefit it by providing it and its products coverage in media especially in newspapers and magazines (“IBM Marketing Communications”). This is of special importance as the clients, particularly the corporate clients, are greatly moved by the subject matter stated in black and white as it is endorsed by a third party and carries more authenticity.  Although these direct communication and public relations activities differ from country to country depend on the policies implemented there.

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