Research Paper: Dimensions of Culture

Sample Research Paper

Culture has been described as a set of six dimensions and “All of these are learned, composed of systems of symbols, are social (beliefs and behavior, not human individuals) and not transmitted or stored by genes. Each cultural or social dimension is like a mathematical dimension in space (height, depth, width) in that they are analytical qualities, not empirical; the removal of any one dimension, by definition, removes all dimensions”.( Hofstede 159-181)” which includes technology, economy, political, institutional, values, and worldview.

Through these six dimensions, a culture is practiced and that is how things keep on getting cultivated and makes a culture stronger and stronger. Due to a few factors like regional cultural imperialism, fear of cultural homogenization, and globalization it has become very important to discuss and delineate different culture precisely and this way the specificity of cultures may be maintained. There have been a lot of research on culture, but the concept of it is still not crystal clear. It is getting confusing with the dimensions of it though they are merely the dimensions and one dimension should not be called culture but rather a part or a way of presentation of culture. There are different cultures in the world and they have been getting fostered by different scholars with time. Some cultures are said to be very dominating because they have been adopted by different societies for the reason of them being very attractive.

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