Sample Research Paper

A study by Ludwig et al in 1999 showed that dietary fiber has an inverse relationship with CVD, blood pressure, as well as, LDL and HDL ratios. Their study suggested that fiber may play a greater role in role in protecting against weight gain and CVD than fat does in causing them. It is suggested that fiber decreases the rate of insulin secretion after a meal and hence it takes a longer time for food to be digested, therefore, decreasing the net food intake over a period of time.

A study by Bagger M (1996) showed that increase in fiber content in diet, as well as decrease in fat intake, has the net effect of lowering the systolic blood pressure thereby reducing the CVD risk. Lairon D et, al in (2003) also made similar findings in his study and concluded that dietary fiber assisted in maintaining low levels of triglycerides as well as kept blood pressure levels in check.

 “Several large randomized trials of primary and secondary prevention to date have demonstrated the efficacy of diets based on an abundance of plant foods and, therefore, high carbohydrate quality. The recommendations to follow a diet including an abundance of fiber-rich foods in order to prevent CVD and diabetes are based on a wealth of consistent scientific evidence” (PereiraMA, 2003)

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