Sample Research Paper

It is interesting to note that in the early years of life, the child behaves carelessly and is receptive to all the sorts of information from the environment. When the child grows slightly older, he becomes more focused, controlled and determined to complete the tasks at hand. This is a slight indication that the mind evolves through past learning experiences and in adulthood, the personality which the person owns, is a complex result of all the learning experiences that he went through at different phases in his life.

The formation or molding of one’s personality and awareness of one’s presence in the environment can be described as self-awareness. The human brain is programmed to learn continually and become aware of the environment and respond to it in a certain way. The social behavior that is the result of such interaction may be acting as an instrument which has taken the leading role in crafting a person’s consciousness and personality. Donald M (2001) is of the view that the human mind’s ability to reflect on self and scrutinize is something that has enabled us to differentiate ourselves from other mammals.

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