Sample Research Paper

It is conventional wisdom that all of us are gifted with certain skills, abilities, temperament, and behavior. We exercise our inherent attributes when we interact with external stimuli which trigger the traits making up our personality. Whether these traits are inherited or are learnt can only be figured out by intensive studies and research. Sometimes, a common man, using his own concept of personality, classifies people into distinct groups of behavioral styles and attitudes.

If children grow up to be like their parents and exhibit certain personality traits which are similar to those of their parents, people often say that these attributes are inherited. However, whether or these traits are hereditary or learnt cannot be stated with certainty unless backed with concrete evidence.

Over the years, social scientists have discovered that personality traits can be inherited. In other words, the genetic makeup of an individual determines his personality traits. Nonetheless, these traits get influenced by circumstances but are not transformed into entirely different characteristics.

The external factors environment makes an individual to adapt his traits to the environment. The internal traits do get affected by the overpowering external environmental aspects but never get modified by them. As the circumstances change, the individual adjusts himself accordingly and so, the personality traits are then stimulated by the new environment.

“Personality traits are psychological characteristics that are stable over time and across situations” (Pervin et al, 2004, p. 222).

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