Research Paper: Development of Cancer

Sample Research Paper

Vessel formation is the key component for the growth of the tumour. Once tumour size increases and blood supply to the deeper tissue of it ceases that causes necrosis or death of the deeper tissue which signifies how important angiogenesis is for tumours to grow and if this can be controlled by anti-angiogenic interventions that will be adding a great deal to the treatment of cancer therapy.

However, in the reality Judah Folkman determines the discovery of the role of angiogenesis in the development of cancer in 1971 he had hypothesised that the growth of the tumour is dependent on angiogenesis. Moreover, there are many experimental pieces of evidence that can confirm the relation between the development of cancer and the angiogenesis. In the mid-1980s, this hypothesis was supported by pharmacologic, biologic evidence but in the mid-1990s was confirmed by the genetic evidence. Genetic and functional experiments indicate that neutrophils, mast cells, eosinophils and activated T lymphocytes also contribute to malignancies by releasing extracellular proteases, pro-angiogenic factors and chemokines(Kuper, 2000.,

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