Research Paper: Developing skills in Nursing Staff

Sample Research Paper

The easiest and practical approach to achieving this goal is to focus on the nursing staff because they are the ones influence this system the most. There is a nursing referencing system available which is very refined and precise and is actively functioning for programming nursing activities and keeping their knowledge up to date. The main difference in the responsibilities of a qualified nurse and a newly assigned nurse is the experience time they have.

A new nurse should get exposed to a variety of situation under supervision and this will take care of all the major issues/flaws in the system. There will be minimal harm to the patients and the newly assigned staff will not be staying new for a long time and will start learning all the required tasks without causing any major harm to the patients.  Nursing staff should be in a continue training programs and they should be a part of all the administration meeting launching for making decisions related to the patients. This will keep them more patients focused and more informed in terms of knowledge. This way we are creating awareness in them along with providing them with knowledge and understanding to make the practice easy and fruitful for them.

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