Sample Research Paper

God was seen a theoretical and aloof designer of the world. His presence was compared to that of a large machine, one that does not intervene in worldly affairs through the use of revelations of miracles. Yet, the ideas introduced by Rousseau varied from those discussed by fellow deists. Instead, the writer visualized the existence of God as being amply proven by the presence of his very creation.By using this argument, Rousseau claimed that the goodness in mankind was evident, despite their damaging authority on society, because of the goodness of God himself. This argument headed by Rousseau contributed a form of spirituality that could now be attached to the beauty of the world and all that it held. Thus, attributing greatly to the works created by the ideas of 19th-century romanticism towards nature and religion. These ideas often created a great deal of angst from the Christian and Calvin schools of thought. But, they became essential principles in Rousseau’s own form of religion which trusted and believed the good in humanity.

Rousseau points out three different types of religion. He divides all three and explains his reasons for assuming them to be powerful or weak in their logic. To the writer, the first form contains the most strength in running the kind of administration that will liberate its people from what he feels to be a life where man had been born free, and put in chains.

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