Research Paper: Demonstration of Hemmingway Heroes

Sample Research Paper

Hemmingway brings back the traditional age “hero lost in the twentieth century” (Gurko p.18). He has incorporated the abilities of the age-old Greek and Arthurian heroes along with the persona of a modern man. The heroes based on the tradition of Hemmingway are no less than the Greek, Achilles, Hercules, Beowulf, or King Arthur. This makes the heroes of the modern age very much in contrast with the heroes of the traditional age. The differences may vary due the huge gulf of time that separates the heroes of the ancient world with the modern world, but their traits remain the same.

 Heroes of modern age, may they be, Hollywood’s glorified action or romantic heroes, to the suave, deep and multidimensional characters out of New York Times bestsellers list, they all seems to have taken heavy inspiration from the heroes that are envisioned by Hemmingway.

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