Sample Research Paper

Dell Corporation, initially called PC Ltd before it went public in 1987, was founded by Michael Dell with the aim of providing build to order personalized computers for its customers.  The foundation of its success was its ability to maintain a  direct relationship with its potential customers and that has always given it an edge over its competitors.

Its strategy resulted in the elimination of the task of the middle man as direct transactions and dealings methods were adopted through various sources, the most popular being the internet. Operating as one of the low price leader firms in a constantly technologically changing industry, Dell has managed to maintain its position by constant innovation, high ethical standards, reassessment of strategic policy and meeting financial targets.

Strategic and financial planning together is viewed as essential tools for the growth and success of Dell Corporation.  The purpose of strategic planning is to keep in consideration the Dell Corporation’s mission statement and to come up with long-term goals and targets that will have to be achieved over a specified time. The long-term goals are then broken into smaller achievable targets and delegated to the motivated workers.

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