Research Paper: Definition of learning

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To define learning, we have to go to the basics of nature. Firstly if a toddler sees fire, he gets curious and tries to touch it and gets burnt. He “learns” from this action. The next time he is near the fire, he recalls the adverse consequences of touching the flame and so even though he has the option to touch the flame, he decides to stay far away. Therefore, we can say that the child ‘learned’ from a “critical incident” Definition of learning (2006). According to one source, learning is defined as follows.

 An organism is said to have learnt when it has increased its options for applying, to a specific set of circumstances, new or different behavior which the organism believes will be to its benefit. Definition of learning (2006).

From this definition we can deduce that learning requires for a person to understand the environment, have a sense of the situation, and remember the responses available to him and the consequences of each of those individual actions. The learning, therefore, is the increase of the list of available actions in response to a particular event.

According to Definition of learning (2004,) “Learning can also be thought of activity that increases the capacity and willingness of individuals, groups, organizations and communities to acquire and productively apply new knowledge and skills, to grow and mature and to adapt successfully to changes and challenges.”

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