Sample Research Paper

Defensive communication is basically communication which a person employs when he perceives a potential threat. The communicator will try to make his own image better in comparison to his rival. He might also use strategies to undermine his rivals. Both these strategies are evident in Rahodeb (John Mackeys) postings on the internet forum and his slandering in real life.

 Defensive communication entered in this case as early as the year 2001 when John Mackey directly threatened Odak at a retailing conference in Manhattan. His supposed words “I am going to destroy you” attack Odak and his company.  The further assault employing defensive communication and the counterattacks are further visible when he lauded Whole Foods stocks as an anonymous writer. He tried to change viewer’s perceptions of his company and OAT. He did that by portraying Whole Foods in a positive way. He said that he admires John Mackie, is a big fan of the company, and is aligned with its mission”. He also undermined OATS importance when he said that OAT’s locations are too small, its management doesn’t know what it is doing and it has no value and future. This all is defensive communication as the user protects him and attacks a rival strategically.

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