Research Paper: Decline in the Allied Health Professional Workforce

Sample Research Paper

The primary objective is to come up with a proposal for resolving the issue of shortage of Allied Health Professional Workforce. Prior to suggesting any remedies to overcome the problem of falling supplies of specialists, it is imperative that the actual causes for the decline be known, analyzed and understood. The constraints and hassle faced by the healthcare industry in the world in general and inUnited States, in particular, must also be examined and reviewed.

 The purpose of the study is three-fold. The initial step would be to determine the underlying causes for the decline in the number of people taking up Allied Health careers. Once the reasons for the shortage are scrutinized, review of the problems which arise due to this decline would be conducted. When the entire picture of the Allied Health Professional Workforce shortage is clear and well-understood, some strategies for overcoming this intense problem would be thought of and proposed.

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