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David claims them to be pointless wars with no end.  His main problem is with the innocence and serenity that is always ravaged by wars. “What are the future generations going to think? Will they respect our views? Will history respect this behavior?”

David’s era was also one which led to the creation of phenomenal and dangerous diseases.  “AIDS was discovered during my era.”  He remembers his father being an exceptionally tolerant man but once AIDS was discovered his parents just seemed to give up on the concept of human life and its sanctity. It was almost like AIDS was the final full stop to human evolution. With the discovery of this disease, it felt like human life would remain challenged. The human identity was exposed to be a weak and insignificant source of life to the wider picture which revealed how mere diseases were now becoming life-threatening. “It cannot be denied that we had other incurable diseases. There had been vaccines created to remove the threat of viruses like smallpox and cholera hat destroyed entire communities. Yet, AIDS once again helped to show human vulnerability. “

Nelson Mandela was a symbol of black segregation during the 1990s. His release was a moment to be cherished by every individual who lived in that era. This was coupled with the repeal of all the apartheid laws that continued to exist in South Africa despite the rest of the world’s admittance and acceptance of equal rights for all ethnicities.  The ideas of equal civil rights are very strongly instilled in David. He claims it to be his family’s constant awareness in this topic which made him take an active interest in the topic. David says that his parents supported the civil rights movement till their dying breaths which made this topic of exceptional importance to him. Even during his mother’s long-time fight with cancer, she would occasionally switch the television set and find herself news features or reports on the civil rights movement

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