Sample Research Paper

A survey-based interview would be conducted of the representative sample selected. A sample of thirty clinical laboratory specialists would be selected for the survey. This would be a non-probability convenience sample essentially. Some of the respondents would also be selected through snowball sampling.

The convenience sample would be selected randomly by contacting different clinical laboratory specialists. The snowball sample would be selected by asking the initial respondents chosen by convenience sampling for contacts of their colleagues or acquaintances. A total of thirty eligible respondents would be selected.

All the thirty respondents would be contacted prior to the survey-based interview. They would be appraised of the aim and objectives of the research. Their consent would be sought before an appointment is set with them for an interview.

Even just before the interview, the respondents would be asked for their consent. They would be asked to give their consent formally in black and white by signing a consent form. The terms and conditions mentioned in the consent form would all be in black and white so that it is easier for them to understand the purpose with which the interview would be conducted. Their formal consent in writing would be accepted as their final word of approval and their willingness to participate in the research on the shortage of Allied Health Professional Workforce.

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