Research Paper: Data Collection Methods for CRM Research

Sample Research Paper

The objective of this questionnaire was to gather appropriate primary data in order to analyze and identify those organizational internal fundamental factors a service company has to acquire before implementing a CRM Strategy.

This self-completion questionnaire (Appendix-3.1) was addressed to 4 Top Managers (including the General Manager) and 7 Mid Managers. Due to the relatively small number of XYZW Managers the research sample used equaled the population, thus a maximum reliability of the internal survey within XYZW was guaranteed.

The author was given the opportunity by the General Manager to address XYZWManagement team during one of their management meetings at which he:

  • Introduced the purpose of this research.
  • Informed the meeting about the advantages gained by other service organizations implementing CRM.
  • Explained how participants would be asked to be involved into this research.

During this meeting, individual appointments were scheduled and later contacted with each one of the managers, where the questionnaire was given to each one of them to complete.  The presence of the researcher was there to answer any questions/queries that the managers may had regarding the questionnaire.  Some of the managers requested from the researcher to further explain some of the questions for them where in other cases the managers completed the questionnaire without queries.

The approach that was described above was considered to be more appropriate to just sending the questionnaire for them to complete alone for two reasons:

  1. It ensures that each manager would have completed the questionnaire thus achieving the desired response rate of 100%.
  2. The respondents had the chance to clarify with the researcher the understanding of each of the questions thus capturing their true and fair views.

The questionnaire focused attention on:

  • company’s customer-focused strategy,
  • the process creating value to customers and organization,
  • company’s perception on CRM Technology and its current Technological infrastructure,
  • the performance assessment  process for creating and increasing stakeholders’ Value, and
  • the degree of exploitation of Business and CRM performance measures.

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