Sample Research Paper

Seybold (2001) asserts that the hardest thing for a company to acquire is not investment capital or employees. It is customer loyalty. The customers are only a mouse-click away from the competition. The significance of customer loyalty is emphasized by Gremler D. and Brown S. (1996) who state in their study that academics and practitioners agree that loyalty is an integral part of doing business.

Reilly (1996) maintains that “Dissatisfied customers are bad for business. Satisfied customers come back and bring their friends”. Jones and Sasser (1995) concluded through their Xerox research that, customer loyalty depends on the degree of customer satisfaction.

On the contrary, the results of a research carried out by Andreassen W. T. and Lindestad B. (1998) concluded that corporate image impacts customer loyalty directly whereas customer satisfaction does not. This challenges the disconfirmation paradigm which predicts customer satisfaction as the primary route to customer loyalty. However, the focus of the dissertation is on the customer satisfaction which helps in gaining loyal customers.


5: partners

Both parties see each other as partners for a mutually beneficial on-going relationship

  4: advocates

They recommend the company to other people or other businesses

  3: supporters

If nothing much upsets them, they may become supporters

 2: customers

After a purchase they are customers

1: Prospects

First-time people access a company

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