Sample Research Paper

Cultural shock is a complex occurrence ensuing from several causes or stressors which take place when an individual comes into contact with another culture.  Culture shock is an emotional uncertainty due to confusion or not understanding the signs in another culture.  It takes place due to many reasons. Some of the generally known and talked about causes are lack of understanding, little or no prior experience of the new society, and personal inflexibility.

When a student has to live in a new culture, he comes across different situations which are either completely against or negate his previously held beliefs and convictions. His fellow students and others around him in a foreign country may question his beliefs and way of thinking and life. This may lead to confusion. The student becomes unable to decipher whether his own convictions are correct or those of the foreign state he is residing in. He cannot make up his mind whether to accept or reject the new socio-cultural rituals and rites that he is faced with. This extreme state of confusion causes anxiety and anguish.

This bewildering state of mind can occur almost immediately when a student lands in a foreign country or may occur a few months later. It may start with feeling generally unwell, lack of sleep, homesickness, isolation and anxiety. This may also be accompanied by dissatisfaction with the host country, the university or living conditions.

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