Sample Research Paper

Michael Cole asserts in his presentation speech that the culture has a deep impact on cognition and therefore, is a significant factor determining the development and strength of cognitive abilities of humankind. As cognitive science has been receiving great attention from psychologists, anthropologists and other scientists researching cognition, it is vitally important that this field is reviewed and analyzed critically. In order to get a sound understanding and a holistic view of what affects cognition and how it matures and grows, it is crucial that the effect of cultural and social influence intertwined with the use of artifacts be taken into account and carefully examined.

Cole maintains creation of different models or experimenting with systems helps in comprehending the theories of cognition. He and his students design systems or activities which represent the doctrine of cultural-historical psychology. This way he is able to test his theories by determining the capability of the designed systems to develop the forms of transformation which are pivotal to the fundamental processes. According to him, his approach differs from that of other researchers in that he concentrates on how the concept of using artifacts as aid and developing them come to the human mind and how can these artifacts assist in enhancing reasoning ability. He terms his experiment as a research on the bearing of culture on human thinking mediated through artifacts and believes that cognitive artifacts impact the cognition of the individual. Nonetheless, the general perception is that thought is an autonomous human activity and that artifacts are external elements influencing human thinking rather than participating in it or comprising it.

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