Sample Research Paper

Cultural variables are amongst environmental variables and a company must study them in order to perform better. The first challenge to a company would be to find out if the company’s product is needed in the host country. If the prediction of high reception is made, only then the company must proceed, discovering and crossing barriers it meets on the way.

Companies at times levy their success on knowing the culture and utilizing the knowledge for their own benefit. A Halal sign on imported food is the license for sale in most Muslim countries. Similarly, Akzo-Nobel has capitalized on their knowledge of Chinese culture when they used a dog in their advertisements. Owning a dog is currently a status symbol in China and is viewed as a symbol of loyalty and warmth. Akzo-Nobel has also introduced odorless paints which comply with Chinese notions of being very health conscious. The company is minting Euros in China as a result of their culture compatible working. (Evans-Pritchard,2010).

When operating in many different companies it is feasible for a company to operate in a homogeneous language at the top levels but knowledge of both the local language and culture is inherent for complete understanding and control.

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