Research Paper: Cultural Significance in Business

Sample Research Paper

Though flexibility and its importance are not new to organizational success, but it is vital for managing operations globally. The company should be extremely adaptable and compromising. It should avoid practicing both parochialism and ethnocentrism as it may cause a disregard in the mind of its customers and local employees.

 Expatriate managers in foreign countries also face a lot of resentment and therefore it should be ensured that managers being dispatched to different countries are provided added incentives to boost their morale. Added support should also be provided in the form of accommodation and help in finding jobs for their spouses. Not only that, they should also be provided adequate development and training about the host country.

When working in a foreign environment, it is necessary for a company and its employees to learn about the ways of the local people. This is primarily done to overcome the different barriers that a new culture presents. A different culture consists of an environment where people communicate differently, think differently, respond to different situations differently, have different attitudes towards time and decision making and value different things. Knowledge of these different cultural aspects is important for a company so that it can make working in another country feasible for them. Besides that appropriate consequential behaviour should follow this knowledge to keep grounded in the foreign country. The key features for survival in foreign cultures include learning, training employees, adaptability and flexibility. Though learning a new culture can be painstakingly difficult, once learnt, it allows easy growth of the company.

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