Research Paper: Cultural Factors for Businesses

Sample Research Paper

Culture can be defined broadly as the way of life. It encompasses values, beliefs and attitudes and thus can be a strong determinant of a person’s behavior. Cultures vary greatly across countries and they are one of the major reasons why people in one country find it difficult to acclimatize in another.

Culture is imbibed in a person’s personality and subconsciously influences his approach to work life and business. It is also an influencing factor in responding towards different situations and attitude towards different things in life. Therefore for a company intending to expand beyond national barriers, it is extremely important to find out about their own cultural approach and the host country’s culture. Most failed negotiations stem from the fact that negotiating styles of people from different cultures are different. The same can be attributed to the fact that two-thirds of American-Japanese negotiations feel even when they want to reach a successful agreement. (Donald W. Hendon,1996). Directness and frankness in one culture might be called straightforwardness and aggressiveness in another. Therefore, people from one culture keep expectations from another culture which are alien to them causing a severe difference in understanding.

The best information for companies trying to go global is that culture is not something that is innate. It is always learned and, therefore, companies can learn the culture of the host companies and teach local employees about their organizational culture for increased performance and reduced friction in the organization.

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