Research Paper: Cultural Differences and the Online Shopping

Sample Research Paper

P. D. Lynch and R. J. Beck have studied cultural differences among online shoppers.  Why is it, they have asked, that people from the Far East shop online much less than do the people of the West?  Researchers have stated that national wealth is the facilitator of the online shopping experience.  The more money that a nation has the necessary Internet infrastructure, for the subscription of Internet services, and for online buying, the greater would its peoples indulge in the online shopping experience.  Such extraneous costs are, of course, novel.  The in-store shopping experience had nothing whatsoever to do with them.

Researchers have pointed out that money is not the only factor stopping people from the Far East from indulging in the internet shopping experience as much as the people from the West.  This is because theUnited Kingdom, Belgium, and Hong Kong have very similar levels of Gross Domestic Product.  Nevertheless, the difference between the online shopping rates of theUnited KingdomandHong Kong is great.  National culture, then, must be playing a major role in determining the online shopping rate from country to country.  Researchers further address the question of the educational level in nations.  Internet use has, no doubt, got everything to do with the educational level.  No educated person is expected to use the medium, even if he or she can purchase anything desired from any country of the world by traveling to the destination’s shopping centers (Lee, Leung, and Lim).

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