Sample Research Paper

Various cultural differences such as the mingling of and interaction between students of the opposite sex are not considered very appropriate in Maldivian culture. The students of both sexes are required to maintain their distance and hold respect for each other. It is preferred that they communicate with each other more for work-related purposes as colleagues rather than as intimate friends. The modern culture inUnited Kingdom, sometimes, appears to be too loud to them.

When the Maldivian students try to maintain their culture and distance themselves from the opposite, they are looked down upon and at times, mocked by the fellow domestic students. Particularly, after the tragedy of 7/7, the Muslim students feel that there harbours prejudice against them among the domestic students.

The Maldivians as well as Taiwanese face language problems at times. It is difficult for them to express their opinions and ideas in class discussions and presentations due to poor English speaking skills. They are not usually offered any courses or assistance in overcoming language difficulties.

When the international students endeavour to speak in English and contribute to class discussions, their accents and grammar, sometimes, makes them sound ambiguous. Although the domestic students do not comment on the accents of the fellow international students in front of the professors, they do pass indecent remarks either out of class or behind their backs.

Although no names were disclosed, some students revealed that some of their white colleagues consider themselves to be superior to those belonging to other races and ethnicities. These domestic students prefer to remain within their own groups and do not interact with the international students.

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