Research Paper: Cultural Change in America

Sample Research Paper

The term West has changed over the various decades of American history. This concept has shifted over terrains and regions, extending as far as the Appalachian Mountains and including essential areas like California.

The area of the West is one which is marked with individual and ecological conquest (Limerick 1987). There are several changes which came about in the way of life as the Western areas became inhabited by foreigners who brought with them infrastructure and information.

The first and the most essential change was the shift in the original locals of the land. The Plain Indians were forced to move out of the area as the railways expanded. This was due to the massive slaughter of the buffalo which was the Plain Indians way of life and religion. When this animal died, the indigenous clans have to move out of the West.

Another change was the rapid industrialization of the community. The big gold rush which had begun was now on a steady decline. Small-scale gold miners were replaced by large industries and schools. Miners were now provided the education on how the various mining skills and this gave rise to large mining communities in the region.

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