Research Paper: Criticism on Marketing of Arts

Sample Research Paper

The basic idea presented in the paper byButler(2000) is that “arts marketing is different from consumer goods marketing”. (2000, p. 344). The author supports his conjecture by borrowing heavily from different sources. In arts marketing, “quality and integrity” of the performances and the talents are focused on rather than flamboyant “inputs into product design”. (Butler, P 2000, p. 343).This is the difference between consumer goods marketing and arts marketing.Butler(2000) asserts that the marketing strategies used for arts marketing are separate from those used for marketing of commodity or consumer goods. He maintains that the “arts organisations” may seem “to be production and sales oriented”. However, “in reality their inherent sense of the market becomes clear with a degree of understanding and openness”. The marketing used for arts is, in fact, a “special” form of marketing. It may not be very different from the traditional marketing management. Nonetheless, it has its own essence and effectiveness which are crucial to arts marketing. He states that this marketing actually involves entering into a “relationship” with the audience. (Butler, P 2000, p. 360). Here, Butler makes a point that arts marketing is a service or a commitment of entertainment to the society rather than a lucrative business.

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