Sample Research Paper

An incident that has a significant impact on one’s self can be termed as a critical incident.  It need not be a dramatic one, but a thought provoking one none the less. It is an incident which makes one to stop and ponder over or question one’s actions. It can be a life-changing event at home or something that happens at the work environment which makes one question one’s beliefs, attitudes or behavior as a professional or as a person.A man is in a state of constant learning, be it at the home or an educational institution or at the workplace, in a quest to improve one’s self. Critical incidents in life can be thought of as junctures in life from which man learns something new to improve one’s own self and worth. In a clinical setup, these incidents can occur during professional/ patient interactions, or can present themselves in the form of  a medical emergency, a confrontation with patients, or maybe a death that made to you question your beliefs.

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