Sample Research Paper

According to Prahalad (1990), a business will have certain core competencies in which it excels. The core competency can be special products, product design special services, niche markets and so on.

The core competency would have been derived after years of work and research on a selected skill. This core competency is designed to provide the organisation with a competitive advantage. If the organisation has skilfully managed this core competency, it will gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Prahalad (1990) further points out that once a firm develops certain core competencies, it can take up forward and backward integration to develop add-on products for various markets. In effect, core competency provides the firm with an opportunity to diversify and integrate. For an organisation to use its core competency, individuals who are not narrowly focussed on specific tasks are needed. Their efforts should extend beyond the obvious and attempt to find how new products, services and uses can be developed. There would certainly be some constraints in funding, management priorities and other urgencies. However, these barriers should not hinder thinking and developing such competencies and add-on products.

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